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Frequently Asked Questions


Both programs offer lifetime access to the course content and all updates and 24-hour a day access through your own login credentials.  

With the VIP level of membership you'll also have the opportunity to submit your Facebook page to Britt for a personalized review two times.  The review will be pre-recorded and available for viewing by all members of the Facebook Mastery program.  You'll be given access to a link for page submission and can submit your page up to two-times whenever you wish.

With self-study Britt will not be able to offer any kind of personalized review of your Facebook page.  You'll still have access to her guidance through the monthly group coaching calls, however no personalized feedback is guaranteed.  

How DO I access the course content?

All course content is available online 24 hours a day through the login links on this site.  When you make your investment you'll be prompted to register using your email address and a password you create and we will send you a confirmation email with more login details within 10 minutes of registration.

You'll be able to dive in to the content within minutes of registration and we will accept your invite to the Facebook group within 48 hours of your request to join.


Everything is more fun with a friend right?!?

Each users ID and password may be used on up to 3 devices before our system is alerted of potential fraud and your account could be shut down.

So if you're planning to use the course on your iPad, iPhone and laptop, you and your hair-bestie should probably each get your own account.

***Note: if you do choose to share accounts, only the primary member will be added to the Facebook group.

Why is this listed as a      7-week course if I have lifetime access to the content?

Based on feedback from Facebook Mastery Alumni, we know that this course is best applied through modules released weekly.  There are 7 modules in the course so you'll receive access to a new module once a week for 7-weeks.  Once your education library is built, you'll have lifetime access to all content and updates.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes absolutely!  You can choose to breakdown your investment in to 2-easy monthly payments through the Standard membership option.

Unfortunately there are no payment plans available for the VIP membership due to the high value of Britt's personalized review of your Facebook page.

What is the difference between this program and the Facebook module included in the thrivers society program?

This course is for the stylist who wants to focus the vast majority of their marketing efforts towards Facebook.  They know the platform is only becoming more powerful in growing small business and they are ready to go all-in.

The Facebook module in Thrivers Society gives you a taste of everything Facebook has to offer and shows you the basics.  If you want to become a true Facebook master and put all other marketing efforts on the back  burner, let's do this.

You can learn more about Thrivers Society at

Can we email britt if we have questions as we work through the program?

Unfortunately, one-on-one support isn't included at the VIP or Standard levels.

You can submit questions to be answered in the monthly group coaching calls, however these are group coaching calls so individual tech trouble shooting or personalized page reviews are available through the group coaching calls.

If you want personalized feedback on your page and posts, you'll want to be in the VIP membership as you'll get the two personalized Facebook page reviews from Britt.

What results are guaranteed?

While we'd love to promise that this will be the silver bullet and the secret to your success, we can't guarantee any results at all.

You're in the drivers seat here.  Stylists who have put in the work, applied the techniques and focused on Facebook marketing weekly longterm have become so busy that they had to start turning guests away.  On the flipside, some stylists purchase the course and then never even attempt to apply what is shared.

This is your career and your future.  You decide who you want to be.

If I decide this isn't for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds are offered and refund requests are not accepted.  Read all content details before purchasing.